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helped find the most vilified monarch. >> reporter: this is the tower of london, the scene of many dramas over the century. the connection of the drama unfolding here today. they had several of their relatives killed. but that did not help them in the end. >> reporter: the next slide that i'm going to show you is this one first. >> reporter: the century old skeleton, jammed with the hands bound into a sha low grave. it's a long way from the tower of london to the parking lot in the northern english city. but this lot covered over the remains of the ancient church. and it now seems clear of the remains of the long lost king. it has been rumored that he had been buried after being defeated and killed in battle just outside of town five centuries ago. but could this be his remains? dug up from beneath the parking lot and showing what looked like this wound. what sounds like csi1485 has found numerous wounds consistent with what happened to losing kings of the medieval battles. >> that would have caused almost the loss of consciousness and that they would have swallowed quickly afterwards. >>
at this time. meanwhile they show no interest and they say the team refuses to meet with them near jack london square. also the golden state warriors continue to move to san francisco. they are taking from a thief who was stealing from them in their own driveway. they have two other cars and like other people they noticed they were having to fill up more often. that led to the conclusion somebody was taken gas from each of their vehicles. >> the gas cap was underneath the truck and all of these gas stains were here and they were helping themselves. >> the thieves probably cost them a couple of $100 in the last month. now they have bought gas locks for all their cars. >>> it is getting closer to 5:00, let's check in with sal for traffic. >>> we are looking at the commute around the bay area, if you can see some of these pictures it is nice and clear for you, let's take a look at san francisco, northbound 101 this traffic does look good approaching the 880 split, also if you are driving towards the bay bridge toll plaza, it is a nice looking drive into san francisco. southbound 680, you might wa
- bodied athletes in the london olympics. >>> the deal is done. american airlines and u.s. airways just announced an $11 billion merger. it would create the world's largest airline. susan mcginnis looks at what this could mean for passengers. >>> reporter: american airs and u.s. airways are joining forces to form the biggest airline in the world. >> our best goal going forward is to make it the biggest strongest airline in the country and i suppose that's about to happen. >> reporter: the combined carrier will have american airlines' new look and its old name ranking ahead of united which joined continental in 2010 and delta which absorbed northwest airlines in 2008. >> the only way to survive at least some of the airlines believe is to merge together, grow and then don't overlap as much. >> reporter: with american in bankruptcy it will be up to a federal judge to decide if the deal will be a good one for its creditors. >> american if it had not done some sort of merger would have been inferior to its bigger competitors in terms of its net worth. >>
) >> well, thank you, london breed. we call you lun in the neighborhood. i want to say thank you. it is definitely an honor to be honored amongst all the supervisors. i was thinking -- i thought of an ali quote. he said, mohammed alie. he said his service, your room on the earth is doing service to other people. and that's how i do to other people. when you say i was being honored, i was like, for what? and then just because when myself, when you do something from the kindness of your heart, you don't look for recognition from anybody. you don't look for points or anything like that, or publicity. you know, i do it from the kindness of my heart. i'm definitely happy to be honored today and i appreciate you and i've been seeing you do your thing. you know, look out for the ones, the young adults, youngsters coming up all through my life and just running through in and out of buildings of african-american culture center. i appreciate you much and thank you for honoring me. (applause) (applause) >> i just thank you again, kareem. i just have one more person. i know this is being gr
will travel on to the middle east. for "cbs this morning," margaret brennan, london. >> margaret brennan, thak. >>> this year's daytona 500 wasn't decided until the final lap, but there was trouble at the track before sunday's premiere race. a crash on saturday sent wreckage flying into the stands injuring dozens. mark strassmann is at the daytona motor speedway. mark, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. and good morning to our viewers in the west. two of the spectators hurt in saturday's big pile-up are still in the hospital although both are in stable condition. one of the things that nascar fans love about this sport is the danger except when they're the ones who are running for cover. >> the daytona 500 goes to jimmie johnson. >> reporter: by one second jimmie johnson finished first on sunday, his second win at daytona. danica patrick, competing against 42 men, was a top ten competitor all day. she started the final lap in third place but finished eighth. >> and contact! >> reporter: but this daytona, nascar's super bowl, was also memorable for saturday's d
the palace. a terrifying scene in london for tourists at buckingham palace. the man with knives, the police who had to act fast. >>> the super bowl's superstar. which celebrity will win the play off the field? and will anyone ever be able to tackle betty white's moment? >> you're playing like betty white out there. >> that's not what your girlfriend says. >> baby! >>> from abc news world headquarters, this is "abc world news" with david muir. >>> good evening. thank you for being here on this sunday night. we begin this evening with that unfolding tragedy, a former navy s.e.a.l., a hero to members of the military. this evening authorities say he was targeted and killed by a fellow veter.
and hopes leaders will vote to make it more inclusive. >> in london tourists witnessed chaos during the changing of the guard outside the buckingham palace when a man brandished two knives. police moved in and took him down with a taser. tourists captured this on cameras and phones and posted them on youtube. >> they tazed him in a couple of seconds. >> police say the man is believed to be in his 50's and they have not released anymore information. the queen and prince philip were not inside the palace at the time. >> the most emotional moments of the super bowl came right before the game. ♪ oh beautiful ♪ for space spacious skies >> jennifer hudson joined students from sandy hook elementary school who took to the big of the stage, seven weeks after 20 classmates and six adults were shot to death at their school. >> many the records set was one that had fingers flying during half time. >> super bowl, one, two, three, four. >> when beyonce reunited with former members of destiny's child, twitter blew up, experienced 270,000-related tweet as minute during event, six million tweets
. all right. thank you you did a great job. >> thank you for having me. >> and stacy london is back as my co-host and the ways stores trap you to get you to spend more money. and allison williams stopped by. >>> a former southern california officer is accused of killing three people. hear how the incoming oakland police advicer is connected to the suspect. >>> investigators search for clues in a house fire there. >>> hear why some classes there are cancelled at noon. Ñáçwçññsxóxgñ >>> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu channel 2 news at noon. >> an intense man hurnt is underway in southern california right now for an ex-cop who authorities say went on a king rampage. good afternoon, i am tory campbell. thousands of police officers throughout southern california and nevada are hunting for a former l.a. cop. police say the fired officer has been on a shooting rampage that has left three dead and several others injured. sal castaneda joins us now from the newsroom with more on the suspect and his dangerous crime spree. >> reporter: tory, the suspect
in the audience brought it. her company is cheesecake delights. and catch stacy london on "whatnot to wear" and tomorrow toni braxton is my co-host. see you then. bye-bye everyone. have a great day. >>> there are late developments in the case of a 13-year-old killed in fairfield. here what police are now saying about a suspect. >>> a blizzard back east is causing travel headaches here. >>> new details on the search for a suspected cop killer at noon. >>> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. >>> this is ktvu channel 2 news at noon. >> fairfield police make an arrest in the killing of a 13- year-old girl found strangled one week ago today. >>> good afternoon, i am tori campbell. >>> fairfield police have announced an arrest no the killing of a 13-year-old girl, john elogy conway alespecially found strangled in a park last friday. noel walker joins us live from fairfield where police just held a press conference. noel. >> reporter: tory coming to you live from the chambers where they just ap wrapped up. this is the photo of the suspect, his name is anthony lamar jones, 32 years o
is a sprint runner who has double below the knee amputations. in london 2012 he was the first double leg amputee to participate and he has won gold medals in the paralympics. as for the model, she is a law graduate and a model and on wednesday, yesterday, she tweeted, what do you have up your sleeve for love tomorrow? the hash tag was "get excited valentine's day." >> more developing news, the san bernardino county sheriff says the manhunt for fugitive christopher dorner is over. the charred body was removed yesterday from the cabin but we hear from the owners of the lodge who found him in a cabin they knew it was him the moment they saw him. i thought it could be the end and he talked to us to calm us down and saying very frequently he would not kill us. he got in a shootout on tuesday after being cornered in a cabin. the former lapd police officer is believed to have killed one deputy and wounding another before the cabin went up in flames. canisters which were called "burners" were fired into the cabin do flush him out but they did not intentionally burn in the ground. >> in santa cla
oscar pistorius broke down and cried as the judge read the charges. he became famous at the london olympics as the first double amputee to compete in the track and field events. he's known as the blade runner because he runs on prosthetic legs. he's being held in a local jail until his next court appearance on tuesday. >>> investigators believe accused killer christopher dorner did extensive research on his first two victims. police say he shot and killed basketball coach monica quan and her fiance a few weeks ago. he gathered intelligence evidence and may have collected evidence on the entire family. dorner blamed quan's father for losing an april people after dorner got fired from -- an appeal after dorner got fired from the police department. >>> the remains were positively identified through dental records as christopher dorner. however, the cause of death has not been released. >>> police in antioch are investigating the death of a 14- year-old girl who was hit by a car while crossing the street last night. brian flores joins us from the intersection where the fatal accident h
on tuesday for a bail hearing. his lawyers are expected to argue for his release. cbs news, london. >>> a conclave to elect the next pope could start sooner than march 15th. pope benedict stunned the world this week by announcing his retirement effective february 28th. he's the first pontiff in 600 years to step down and is staying in office until death. church rules say the conclave is to start 15 to 20 days after the papsy becomes vacant but -- papacy becomes vacant but the vatican is trying the waive the rules. the pope though that has to approve to change before he resigns. >>> gas prices are not expected to go down anytime soon. the average price for a gallon of regular nationwide is $3.67. that's an increase of 12 crepts in the past week alone. experts say gas prices normally rise in late march through early may as refiners switch over to the summer blend. the highest price we found in the bay area is in san francisco, $4.49 a gallon. >>> garbage collection rates could increase by 3% of the redwood city council approves proposed new rates. it would be the third rate hike in
more from london later on "cbs this morning." >>> "the washington post" says washington has been rated the worst for gridlock. the average driver there burns 67 hours and 32 gallons of gas each year sitting in traffic. >>> and the "wall street journal" reports dollar stores are feeling the pinch. sales have slowed in part because of rapid growth. dollar general plans to open 635 new stores this year. family dollar stores will open about 500 >>> all right. we have low clouds stretching well onshore even some high clouds cruising in overhead. our mount vaca cam showing you some clouds moving on by as we have a weak cold front approaching the state. not going to bring us any rain. it's going to bring us plenty of clouds throughout the day today. 40s across the board. by the afternoon, highs only in the 50s and maybe low 60s, breezy at the coastline. next couple of days going to be dry. we could see some cold showers, though, on thursday and friday. >> announcer: this national weather report sponsored by kay jewelers. every kiss begins with kay. >>> milli
us from london. what can we expect today? >> reporter: hi. the judge who is overseeing this bail hearing said he'll make an announcement very soon, probably within 30 to 45 minutes if s osr put pistons, the sprinter known to the world as the blade runner will be free on bail or will he stay in jail until that trial which could take months. both sides, the prosecution and defense have rested their case after four days that have seen a real momentum shift in pistorius' favor especially after yesterday's bombshell when we learned that the lead investigator laying out the case actually against pistorius is himself facing seven charges of attempted murder. the defense had already at that point forced the investigator to back down on many points even admitting pistorius' story is plausible. in a state of panic he could have shot his girlfriend, killed his girlfriend, reeva steenkamp by mistake thinking her to be a dangerous intruder. the prosecution says that pistorius killed reeva steenkamp in cold blood, he has a history of violent behavior and freeing him on bail would give him a ch
office space and jack on london square and so he has been here since -- [inaudible] can the pandora is growings and they have a cluster around those -- foundation and is-head up more technology those of you who remember back to our college level the software, the founder of that foundation officer and would be the [inaudible/incomprehensible] small technology company it doesn't seem that small, certain we are about half the size of san francisco but when we have these clerks of people comeling forth into that industry hundreds and hundreds of people are there and i don't know why they are there but after the -- [inaudible] yeah, we are being blockbusters but we have-newborn [inaudible] have been trying to lure other companies -- and oakland you can attract the berkeley base -- there. so there are a lot of people who want to live and work in the east and that is happening or and more. >> may be you are lucky you didn't get -- [inaudible/incomprehensible] >>> i know i noticed. >> mayor lee for san francisco you can turn that question entirely on it's head so much of the city's
black women put o. the beautiful tea, bridging the generation and the london we talked about. a lot of people don't know the services provided and that is very important. you're doing job training and job creation services. tell us a little about that? >> basically, we have a job training program and that is bridging the generations. >> uh-huh. >> we employ and train on the job seven people, a total of 28 people and in a year. eight of the people are women over the age of 55. >> wow. >> and we have eight that are high school. >> uh-huh. >> and then the others are between the ages of 18 and 54. >> wow, so you take high school 18-54 and 55 and older. that is wonderful. so you make sure those 28 people are going to be trained and get work. >> royalty. >> that is wonderful. every single person we can put to work counts. i am quoting our president now. [ laughter ] >> and he is saying every single american needs to get to work. how do you get people into the program? how do they become a part of it? >> they apply and we select the ones that we feel will benefit from the training. >> you
in london. it is the first leg of a hectic nine-day dash through europe and the middle east and the maiden diplomatic meeting with cameron will focus on the crisis in syria and iran's nuclear program. he will be headed to germany next for meetings in berlin, the administration has launched an effort to try to salvage a syrian opposition conference he will attend in rome. some members of the opposition council are threatening to boycott the meeting. >> cuban president will step down in 2018 and named a successor announcing the top democrat tick, 52-year-old who will take over the presidency ending 53 years of castro rule. any democrat aisled the post in 1959 followed the cuban rest and raul took over when the health failed for file tell. he said it is time to transfer power to a younger generation. >> the light at the end of the tunnel for commuteers who faced decades of a dangerous highway along the coast. >> 49ers decide the smith >> welcome back at 4:53. there are multiple sources reporting the 49ers have a deal to trade quaterback smith. the speculation is that the kansas city chiefs ar
-host stacy london. join us for that. and madeleine stowe will join us. have a great weekend. [applause] >>> we'll be live with the coast guard with continuing coverage on the search for a family missing at sea. >>> dramatic video of a major bay area fire and who investigators say caused it. >>> plus -- brand-new polls with people and gun control. >>> the ocean search for two adults and two children reported missing at sea, we're live with the latest. good afternoon. i'm tori campbell. >>> the search continues for a missing family that abandoned ship yesterday afternoon. the focus of the search is off san mateo and santa cruz counties. ktvu's brian flores joins us live from the coast guard station on yerba buena island. he just got a new piece of audio related to the story. brian? >> reporter: hi, tori. good afternoon. we have the audio. we'll hear it in a second. the silver lining, this continues to be a search-and- rescue mission. the coast guard recently released a five-second transfrom -- transmission from the boat. take a listen. >> coast guard, coast guard, we are abandoning ship.
under his finger nails. the paralympic super star will face a court hearing monday. in london, rita nissan, wjz eyewitness news. >> south african media are speculating that he may have mistaken his girlfriend for intruders. authorities say that is surprising to them. >>> in an effort to stop capitol punishment in maryland. the governor says he believes they will ban capital punishment this session. senate president mike miller, supporter of the death penalty, also says the measure to repeal will pass in the senate by a comfortable margin. more on this passionate debate, all new tonight at 5:00. >>> marylanders now have four new dorchester county sites. those shells are used in oyster restoration. they are used for environmental science centers, horn point labs. the landfill transfer stations. in secretary. since 2009, 15% of the state's oyster shells have been recycled. >>> time for a look at the rush hour ride home. kristy breslin is at wjz traffic control. >>> definitely not a good start out there for southbound 795. you'll see a lot of brake
, champion paraolympic one of the heroes of the london olympics is in jail now accused of shooting and killing his girlfriend. the story from abc news reporter. >> the first ever double amputee to compete in the olympics remembered for this poignant moment exchanging a number on the jersey with a man who beat him during 2012 olympic relay in london. but this morning a very different picture of the man known around the world as blade runner. south african olympic icon under arrest, charged with murdering his girlfriend. the 30-year-old appeared on the cover of fhs in, commercials and due to appear n a reality tv show. but early morning hours she was found1ca1ñ dead at the home, shot four times. police won't confirm the motive but say this wasn't the first time domestic disturbances were reported in the home. >> i just fell apart. >> this woman lives next door. >> she wasrzlñ willing to listen to you, give advice. >> if it doesn't real real yet shechl was a wonderful person. >> yesterday, she compete tweeted about her excitement for valentine's day whachl do you have up your sleeve
in london. >>> a student is learning the hard way that wearing a gas mask to a school was not very funny. officers blocked off the area while teachers kept students inside classrooms. police identified the suspect as 18-year-old christopher egerton who they found inside his classroom. >> i wouldn't say he's really a jokester but he definitely likes to push people's buttons. >> reporter: egerton wrote last night, kind of thinking about wearing a gas mask to school tomorrow, funny or weird? >>> police say they have surveillance video showing the actual vehicle. it's a white or silver chevrolet hhr. on monday night a man shot the 21-year-old uc santa cruz student in the head then took her backpack. it happened at a bus stop on natural bridges drive. here is a police sketch of the gunman as described by the victim. she is expected to make a full recovery. >>> criminal cabbies picking up fares in san francisco. it's a big problem that has now escalated into something far more troublesome. ktvu has learned police are now looking for at least two drivers who recently sexually assaulted their pa
warmed hearts just a year ago in london. >>> a student is learning the hard way that wearing a gas mask to a school was not very funny. officers blocked off the area while teachers kept students inside classrooms. police identified the suspect as 18-year-old christopher egerton who they found inside his classroom. >> i wouldn't say he's really a jokester but he definitely likes to push people's buttons. >> reporter: egerton wrote last night, kind of thinking about wearing a gas mask to school tomorrow, funny or weird? >>> police say they have surveillance video showing the actual vehicle. it's a white or silver chevrolet hhr. on monday night a man shot the 21-year-old uc santa cruz student in the head then took her backpack. it happened at a bus stop on natural bridges drive. here is a police sketch of the gunman as described by the victim. she is expected to make a full recovery. >>> criminal cabbies picking up fares in san francisco. it's a big problem that has now escalated into something far more troublesome. ktvu has learned police are now looking for at least two drivers who recen
. the long time resident has already cloned a twin engine biplane he helped fly from london to south africa and london to australia. >> we actually constructed that in a year and a half. what we had a substantial amount of hundred dollar -- funding for the aircraft. there were two other airplanes at roosevelt field but he departed sooner and he made it. to fly that distance over that treacherous north atlantic. it was the equivalent of landing on the moon. >> reporter: a lot more on this as work progresses. tom vacar, ktvu news. >>> buster posey is getting a huge pay raise. posey was awarded the steepest pay increase today among major league players who opted for salary arbitration this year. the mvp received a 13 fold pay hike to $8 million. he earned $575,000 last year. posey batted 336. he hit 34 home runs all during the giant's 2013 world series championship season. >>> everyone is talking about the bay area snow in just two minutes we'll go back live to our bay area peaks to see just how much snow is sticking to the ground. and we'll check with bill martin to see if any more is on the
. they went to the london bridge, which was blocked over to the lake and their city and peace by peace. it is the real london bridge, just a good tourist there. the next stop, i ate a steak. a 72-ounce steak. a steak challenge. all right, i tried to eat it. 72 ounces. it cost $72. if you eat it you get it for free. if not it is $72 and i did not finish it. i ate a third of it maybe. the next stop was at this area. where was the next stop? she is still eating it. the next stop was on route 66, janice and i did and we saw some of the iconic spots. we went to the museum there and saw the horrible old towns as you can see there. the route that was once the mother load and a bunch of dying towns. one was living. it'd be 70 now. and now we're in the big easy. and ann, i cannot believe after eight days that i'm here. >> so tell me about it. how does it feel. what's going on there this morning? >> all right ann, i have partied with you and i know that you would love this town. there are more drunk people per square inch than anywhere on the face of the
of a body in the water near jack london square. a witness saw a body floating yesterday 20' from the shore. they are trying to identity of the body and the cause and circumstances surrounding the death. >> bay area rapper mc ham certificate due in court on charges of resisting arrest in dublin taking to twitter this weekend claiming he was the victim of racial profiling. a police officer on thursday approached him as he sat in a car at a shopping center and he says the officer asked him if he was on parole. the dublin police say the vehicle had expired plate licenses. he was arrested on charges of on stricting an officer. >> this morning a group of people living in apartments near san francisco civic center are awaiting to hear when they can return home after a fire that broke out in a restaurant on the ground floor of the building. this photo shows the smoke filling the street and taking moments after the fire starts. the restaurant is located near particular corner here, at larkin. we hard the sirens and police saying "get out, get out." police saw the fire first. good for the police dep
, known as "blade runner" is accused of killing his model girlfriend. rita nissan reports from london with more on what happened. >> reporter: police quietly escorted olympic track star oscar pistorias to prison in south africa. authorities charged the 26-year- old with murdering his girlfriend, model riva steencamp. police say she was shot four times inside the runner's upscale home. they recovered a 9-millimeter pistol. >> a young woman died on the scene of gunshot wounds. >> reporter: pistorias is a national hero in south africa, dubbed "blade runner" for his high-tech, artificial legs. he became the first double- amputee runner ever to compete at the games. >> reporter: the track starter made it to the 400-meter semifinals and anchored southafrica's team relay here at the stadium. >> reporter: he had been with his girlfriend for several months. hours before she died, steencamp tweeted about valentine's day, saying it should be a day of love for everyone. >> i knew her quite well. she was a humble person. she was beautiful inside and out. >> r
first warning forecast is coming up. >>> one of the biggest stars to come out of the london olympics has been charged with murder. police in south africa say oscar 50orias, an amputee sprinter, killed his girlfriend. rita nissan reports for wjz. >> reporter: police quietly escorted olympic track star, oscar pistorias, to prison in south africa. authorities charged the 26-year- old with murdering his girlfriend. model riva steencamp. police say she was shot four times inside the runner's upscale home. they've recovered a 9- millimeter pistol. >> a young woman did die on the scene of gunshot wiewmeds. >> reporter: 50orias is a hero in south africa, dubbed blade runner for his artificial, high- tech legs. he made records, becoming the first double-amputee ever to make it to the games. >> he anchored south africa's team relay, here at the olympic stadium. >> reporter: he had been with his girlfriend for several months. hours before she died, steencamp tweeted about valentine's day, saying it should be a day of love for everyone. >> i knew her quite we
the dow was down 35. the nasdaq up 10. and-a-the standard and poor's five london index ended up less than a point to end at 1520. the index climbed as high as 10051 to 24 during the day, the highest since 2007. >> a new york judges dismissing a group of lawsuits against facebook over its initial public offering. the judge said the plaintiffs did not show that they lost money because of the corporate wrongdoing. >> he also agree with facebook claims that the plaintiffs could not prove that they own facebook stock at the time of the alleged wrongdoing. >> if the lawsuits and other store man alleged that an analyst at large underwriting investment banks cut their financial forecast of facebook just before the ipo in sold only a handful of clients. >> facebook and the bank says nothing about its process was illegal. >> u.s. airways and american airlines seal the $11 billion deal to create the world's largest airline. the new carrier will keep the american airlines name. it will run by u.s. airways ceo of douglas parker. while american airlines ceo tom horton will become chairman. the deal has
to compete in the london games. steenkamp was shot and killed valentine's day at pistorius home in the capital. police are holding pistorius pending a bail hearing later the northeast is a bracing for another strong winter storm. it is beautiful here in the bay area in beaumont creek. >> michigan police are blaming the snow for this massive freeway pileup. it happened saturday afternoon on an interstate southwest of detroit. it appears to have involved at least two dozen cars and trucks, a car carrier and a tanker truck. this was just one of several snow-related crashes this weekend in the detroit- area. no word on any injurie. part of the northeast expected to get another round of winter weather. 68 in. in the boston area 10 in. of snow other places. we have nothing to complain about in our neck of the woods. here is a live shot of the golden gate bridge. dealing with some fog out there but we are expecting plenty of sunshine in the afternoon. current conditions are low fifties in oakland man that forties in oakland. 36 degrees in napa. by 10:00 a.m. we are expecting a light '5
of nephews in the tower of london. a play by shakes spear was critical. others say the!5ñ portrayal was unfair. either way, it's a fascinating story. >> looking backwards to towards. >> we have changes coming our way in weather. you can see right now, what has been a mainly sunny day. coast. they'll be pushing indland. highs reaching 20 in fargo and shame, great lakes chilly in the northeast. a high in dallas tomorrow, and phoenix as we take a look at the california conditions tomorrow, welle] >> coming up next, we're going to take a look at the most-tweeted moments of the super bowl. >> and ad bowl. commercials scoring high with viewers and which ones lost. >> i'm michael finney. the best chocolate for valentine's day. delicious sweets can be expensive but there are ways to safe cash. >>> 50 new ads ran during super bowl game nearly $4 million a pop just 30 seconds. >> that is pretty amazing. >> this may have cost million millions... >> maybe i ought to do a cameo. >> but biggest winners of commercialism... >> boom. >> were a pair of low budget ads made and chosen by doritos fans i
remember him in the london games making international fame. south africa police were called to his house and found the body of his girlfriend. she was shot four times. south africa media said he mistook her for an intruder. >> there has previously been domestic violence incidents at the home. >> they indicate there has been previous domestic violence incidents at his home and investigators say there are witnesses to a short areaing and they are giving us more time. stay with us on this developing story. >>> there are new revelations about the pope. pope benedict xvi hit his head however they are denying it played any relevant role in his resignation. on tuesday the pope disclosed he had a pace maker and that the batteries were replaced over a month ago. >>> a school is voted to be shut down because of a budget deficit. now the campus is a half mile away from the 2010 pipeline explosion, but the transitions may be really heart for some of the kids. they agreed on a compromise as far as where to send their children next fall. >>> they are trying to figure out how to make room for the risin
steenkamp are being held today. >>> it could cause him to lose his london para olympic medals and they found steroids inside his home. they say his metals could be taken away if it is discovered he was taking steroids before or during the olympic games. >>> they will reduce gun violence in the area and gun owners could get up to $300 in cash in exchange for each weapon turned in. the kind of money will depend on firearms. no personal information will take place 2:00 in the afternoon at palo alto city hall. >>> a major announcement is expected about the plans of the san francisco giants to develop a waterfront urban village. it includes plans to build apartments, shops, restaurants and offices right along pier 38. it will create thousands of jobs but it still needs the approval of the port commission. mayor ed lee is expected to talk about this at a news conference at 10:00 a.m. >>> matt cain will kickoff the new season by facing clinton kershaw. cain led them to a world series for the giants and the opening day ends four straight seasons where tim tim lincecum opened for the giant and he had
to appear in court again tomorrow as he seeks bail. >>> and in london, the dutchess of cambridge made her first public appearance since it was revealed in december she is expected. observers noticed a little baby bump. the first child of prince william and the dutchess is expected in july. >>> dozens of folks got their cheeks swabbed to see if they might be a match but also to add their names to the national registry which has a shortage of black registered donors. >>> in the african american community we have a dire need for people in our community to get a bone marrow match. >> westin is in need of a bone marrow replacement within a week. it's not known if a match was found in today's event. just last week westin and his wife renewed their wedding vows. >>> we have more information on the woman found dead in hayward last night. her podty -- body was found in a homeless encampment. >>> also we know now the name of the man killed by a train last night. the coroner identified the man as 22-year-old semir meture. he was struck by the train near homer avenue. meture walked directly in front
in staying in jack london square and the golden state warriors continue to eye a move to san francisco. well, they are asking whether they are going to host the 2024 summer olympics. they sent letters to 35 major cities and other places include new york, chicago and los angeles and it would exceed $8 billion not including construction and they expressed interest in the 2024 gomes including -- games, including paris and rome. >>> northbound traffic is slowing down because of that earlier crash we had near downtown oakland and you can see how it is a affecting traffic, also looking at the livermore valley, we have more slowed traffic there, let's
the number to have swelled to 40 million people, the size of new york london, and paris combined. leading the crowds are india's colorful holy men. one of them is mahant ravindranand sarswati, who helped explain hindu beliefs including reincarnation. >> reporter: most of the pilgrims make do with basic conditions, but for a wealthy few, there's this luxury tented camp where one of the guests is an indian princess who normally lives in a palace. >> it's something that binds you all together. that faith in the ganges, in your gods-- as many as they are- - we are one. >> reporter: a ritual that's been celebrated by hindus fore thousands of years in a country of stunning contrast that still has power to draw the faithful. holly williams, cbs news, prayag india. >> pelley: well, america's biggest festival, the super bowl was blacked out.l we can tell you why now in just a moment. you why now in just a moment.ay y. until he got his number. right! the machine showed me my pressure points on my feet and it gave me my custom number. my arches needed more support. in two minutes, the dr. scholl's f
tonight. buckingham palace. officers used a >>> lis lis in london have arrested a man. officers used a stun gun to stop him. he appears to be holding a knife in each hand. police approached him, used the taser, he dropped to the ground and officers arrested that man. everything is on video. a little scary. >>> lawrence is here are a peak at weather and we're willmenting a big lament -- lamenting a big loss. at first you think it's going to be a blow out and all of a sudden they come back. >> that last quarter was amazing. >> we have an exclusive camera out there now on the new bay bridge. we are getting ready to launch that and it's looking good out there right now. nice and quiet early on this morning. you can see the new bridge and the old one. >> at the top. >> yeah, looking back down there. isn't that cool, we have a lot of fog out there in the bay area and that will be the big concern throughout the day. it's going to start to break up in the bay area as we head outside. it will be a while before it does. we're going to keep the temperatu
of plotting a terrorist attack in england. they planned to bomb the mass transit in london and it could have been deadlier than the bombing in 2005. 52 passengers died that day. >>> chinese cyber spice are accused of targeting not just newspapers and law firms and think tanks, but also institutions according to the washington post. cyber spice are going after information on how government officials make decisions. hackers linked to a secret site near shank high have -- shanghai have been targeting organizations all over the world. >>> spending cuts are affecting millions of people here in california. as kyla campbell reports from the washington d.c. borough, these -- borough, without them it would have an effect on everyday cuts. >> reporter: it will affect your child's education and this is just a start of what could be affected by the cuts known as the sequester. funding will be cut for educational programs and that means head start will not be available to everybody who is enrolled right now. it is estimated 16,000 teachers nationwide would loose teachers because they would loose funding.
in height similar to broad gate station in london. now, here are the names of the inshat vattive tech firms recognized around the globe and head quartered in san francisco christen and brix retail and software in the cloud to digital media and online lodging governor pairy would give his it's to have any one of these to move to texas and but don't count on it behind these are other tech firms and spin offs from bred says source such as twitter and paypal, online directorsy and is on demand transportation all head quartered right here in san francisco looks like a tech bubble you might say, well no doubt there will be failures in the future but new opportunities will easily be backfilled by the dna of innovation now etched in san francisco's economy these firms and more, will provide access to a mobile mercantile network of over 5 billion consumers in a few short years and the magnitude of the upcoming change to the bay area will be stung. we are still in spring training. once again, thank you mayor khan and mayor lee and we that i thank you for continuing to promote the company that
times, as -- london we are very proud and i know those are isn't that correcty comments and not really these are my friends in san francisco but if you have been to if you have not been to some of the hot new restaurant, they are just a block away, i'll buy you a particular i can get to dictionarily's -- if i take the train in 15 minutes. and today i spend 45 minutes on the boat but you know-bridge and in terms of the very very big transit of economic [inaudible/incomprehensible] we have talked about transportation and we have talked about the growth in housing, and some of our hot new sites oakland city is a city that has five -- and one of them is in the era of development, in the city, we plan mainly developments around each of those -- it's taking off right now as under construction, we are planning out chlic seem and the chlic seem city, we are hopeful that we will eventually get through the development on the last -- san francisco. and -- south. but in terms of the issues of real estate, in august, oakland had the fastest turn around of residential construction in the country
! >> axelrod: how did this work of street art vanish off a wall in london and reappear in miami? mark phillips investigates. and whoever takes home an oscar tomorrow, these young afghan actors are winners any way you add it up. carter evans will tell us why. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news." >> axelrod: good evening. i'm jim axelrod.m it was the last lap of the last race before nascar kicks off its new season tomorrow with the daytona 500. that's when at least a dozen cars wrecked with one race car c being sent airborne and into ato fence separating fans from the track. trac it's still a confusing situationation in daytona with emergency wi workers tending to injured fans. adriana diaz is at the track for us tonight. >> reporter: the 12-car crash began on the last turn of the last lap of the kick-off race at daytona when the number 7 car, driven by regan smith, spun out of control. moments later, kyle larson's
secretary of the state john kerry is in london on his first trip overseas as america's chief diplomat. kerry is scheduled to visit nine countries in the next few days. the goal is to find the fix problem in syria. >>> from nascar's biggest race to where it all begins. the significance of today's historic daytona 500 and its impact on young bay area race drivers. >>> jimmy carter makes a visit here in the bay area. his harsh words for the obama administration and the challenge he issued to the audience. there's this island -- and it's got super-cute kangaroos. barrow island has got rare kangaroos. ♪ chevron has been developing energy here for decades. we need to protect their environment. we have a strict quarantine system to protect the integrity of the environment. forty years on, it's still a class-a nature reserve. it's our job to look after them.'s my job to look after it. ♪ >>> more now on that breaking news off the coast of san mateo county. an extensive search is on the way as the coast guard tries to find four people who are believed to have abandoned their sailboat. here's
a body pulled out of the water at jack london square. firefighters pulled the person out yesterday afternoon, but at this hour it still remains a mystery who this person is and how they got there. witnesses say it was spotted near the shore around 2:00 yesterday afternoon. if you know anything about this incident, you're asked to call police. >>> the alameda county sheriff's department today telling it side of the story following a scene landing mc hammer in jail. he was arrested in dublin on charges of resisting and harassing an officer. the victim claims he was a victim of racial profiling and the words from the officer was are you on parole or probation? the car hammer was parked in was not registered to him and the registration had expired. a lieutenant telling us, quote, hammer became very argumentative when questioned about the vehicle. he refused to exit the vehicle when the officer asked him to and continued to argue. end of quote. over twitter hammer dubbed this incident, a teachable moment. so i guess we should find out some time soon if hammer's too legit to acquit. >> t
"estuario" en la zona de la plaza "jack london" de esa ciudad. ---aun se desconoce si la persona se ahogo o si el cuerpo fue arrojado al agua. cesar ---en union city, dos adolescentes se encuentran hoy tras las rejas, take vo ---luego de que participaran en una persecucion en un auto mercedes benz robado... ---la persecucion termino en el centro comercial union landing cuando el auto choco contra un arbol y termino estrellandose contra seis automoviles estacionados... ---una mujer que estaba dentro de uno los coches impactados tuvo que ser hospitalizada... topvo blanca ----en palo alto, las autoridades buscan por un ladron que intento asaltar a una persona amenazandolo con una pistola. ---el viernes por la noche, el sospechoso paseaba en bicicleta por un estacionamiento publico, cuando se le acerco a la victima, lo encaÑono y le exigio dinero. ---el hombre intento quitarle el arma al ladron, pero al no poder hacerlo, echo a correr. cesar ---esta maÑana en san francisco, un hombre de sacramento fue detenido luego de que ayer por la noche, take map ---llego a una casa ubicada en la cuadra m
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